Five Steps to Create a Winning Pitch Deck

Fundable startups sit in between the idea stage and the explosive growth – they have proven that there is a high potential for growth, but have not yet realized that growth. Usually, the thing preventing these startups from scaling widely is a lack of resources; they need all the help they can get to convince an investor audience that their growth potential is a real and likely possibility. While a strong presenter is necessary, nothing helps support an investor pitch like an awesome startup deck. Five steps to give you the right mindset when going in to pitch. Step1: Win [...]

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7 Reasons Why Small Business Fails

Owning a small business is an easy task and by following some steps and a small amount of investment, one can start a business but what after that. It is very important to measure the growth rate of your business whether it is growing at a constant pace or exponentially. Most small business owners don't think about their growth and are satisfied with what they have. Small businesses contribute hugely to the country's economy. Despite one's best efforts to grow the business, some small business owners experience diminutive or slow growth. Here are some of the most common reasons for [...]

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Why you need a Business Plan?

Many Entrepreneurs start a business without making a business plan because they think they know how business works, then why should I need a business plan. Suppose you want to build a house would you just walk down and start constructing your house, obviously no. You would hire an architect who can convert your imagination to real life; he will give you a proper blueprint and a complete idea of how your house will look like. Just like that if you are thinking to start a business or grow it you need a business plan, it provides you a roadmap [...]

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