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Why you need a Business Plan?

Many Entrepreneurs start a business without making a business plan because they think they know how business works, then why should I need a business plan. Suppose you want to build a house would you just walk down and start constructing your house, obviously no. You would hire an architect who can convert your imagination to real life; he will give you a proper blueprint and a complete idea of how your house will look like. Just like that if you are thinking to start a business or grow it you need a business plan, it provides you a roadmap [...]

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Market Research : Why is it must for startups?

Have you ever thought about why market research is very important before starting any business or launching a product? Market research is the insight of everything around the market in which you are going to launch your business or product/services. It is very important to analyze your target customer, their demand, behavior, competitor within that market and analyze what unique way you are going to contribute to the market and what will be your competitive advantage. Let's see the steps to follow: The very first thing to do is to dissect the decision-making process of the customer. What drives any [...]

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